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Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

Boot Camp 360

Circuit training at it's best! Just show up! You have to experience it to understand this Saturday morning addiction.

Cardio Lift

Strength training. Pumping iron with dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells, tires and cardio intervals.

Combine Classes

Combine is a 360 approach to athletic experience and development designed to provide the one true measure of each athlete's potential.

Functional Strength

Circuit training that is geared for everyone from beginners to advanced athletes. Some classes are conducted outdoors. Come prepared to work out at your own pace.

Inner Circle

A year-round wellness program. Participants will enjoy all elements of fitness including strength, endurance, cardio and improvement in body composition. Get better everyday!

Cardio Combat

High energy cardio class. Learn punches and kicks using a heavy bag. Burn calories, get fit!

TRX Fusion

One hour of functional strength and conditioning using TRX, kettle bells, med balls and MORE! Some classes may incorporate running outside. (Cardio equipment is available for those who do not run).